Please help us..

brush turkey

Will you  assist us in maintaining the Gardens in beautiful condition by taking your rubbish home with you?   Anything you leave behind has to picked up by the volunteers. Otherwise our friends the brush turkeys will spread it all over the gardens and pathways.

Turkeys are a protected species and naturally forage for insects in the leaf litter. Your leftover sandwiches are a lot easier for them to catch but are not as good for them as their natural food.

Many National Parks don’t offer rubbish bins as these can attract wildlife (to the animal’s detriment). If there are no bins available, you should take all rubbish home with you when you leave.

You will help us and the natural environment if you do not leave anything behind.


Some information about turkeys from Brisbane City Council website

To protect our biodiversity, it is recommended that you:

  • do not feed brush turkeys. Ensure no scraps of food or rubbish are left lying around
  • remove unnecessary sources of water from the backyard
  • remember that the mound-building habits that may damage suburban gardens are part of the natural breeding behaviour of the Australian brush turkey. This activity will persist during the breeding season and decrease once the chicks have left the nest
  • turkey-proof your garden by using heavy coverings such as river rocks, coarse gravel and logs over standard mulch to prevent raking.  Use tree guards or fencing to protect young plants and trees. Ask your local nursery or landscape supply store to recommend suitable products for your garden
  • do not chase, kill or cause injury to the birds
  • do not destroy mounds or eggs
  • do not disturb the birds when there are chicks around the nest
  • alter the habitat by pruning branches from large trees, allowing light to hit the ground.

Leave only footprints – take only photos