Botanic Gardens Venue

Events & Ceremonies

Tamborine Mountain Regional Botanic Gardens offer a beautiful location for all types of boutique events.

Embark on a journey of love surrounded by the natural splendor of our Botanic Gardens wedding venue. Exchange vows amidst blooming flora, creating an enchanting setting for your special day. With picturesque landscapes and romantic ambiance, our gardens offer a perfect backdrop for the beginning of your forever. Welcome to a botanical love story.

Cocktail Party

Sip, socialise, and savour the moment at our Botanic Gardens cocktail party. Amidst the verdant beauty, indulge in an event of sophistication and relaxation. Let the lush surroundings and crafted cocktails set the stage for a memorable gathering. Welcome to an enchanting blend of botanical elegance and vibrant celebrations. Cheers!

Family Celebrations

Celebrate family ties in the heart of nature at our Botanic Gardens venue. Amidst blooming flora, create cherished memories with loved ones. Our scenic setting provides a backdrop of tranquility and beauty, ensuring your family function is an unforgettable, joy-filled affair. Welcome to a haven where love and nature intertwine for a perfect gathering.

Corporate Workshops

Elevate your corporate event amidst the natural splendor of our Botanic Gardens venue. Immerse your team in a refreshing atmosphere, surrounded by lush greenery. Our thoughtfully curated space fosters creativity and collaboration, making it the perfect setting for a successful and memorable corporate gathering. Welcome to a unique blend of business and botanical beauty.

About Us

Whether you’re looking for an intimate garden wedding venue, open spaces for corporate team-building workshops or an elegant location for your next launch or cocktail party, we can help make your vision a reality. The Gardens are also a popular venue for many families to celebrate milestone events.

Where love blooms

Immerse yourself in a world of natural wonder at the Botanic Gardens. Wander through vibrant blooms, tranquil pathways, and lush greenery that rejuvenate the soul. Whether seeking serenity or a family adventure, our gardens offer a sensory escape, inviting you to connect with nature’s beauty. A haven for all, come discover and recharge.

Garden Spaces

Many spaces through the Gardens are available for exclusive reservation. To check availability or find out more, contact

We are delighted to announce that the Piccabeen Lawn at the northern end of the lakes, so often the location for many events, has now been fully restored and is open for bookings.

All events with a commercial interest (for example those that included paid host services such as wedding ceremonies, pop-up picnics and corporate team building) or those at which additional furniture and/or accessories other than a picnic rug are used will require a reservation to be made for a designated site.

Reservation fees

(including GST)

2-hour rates

Up to 6 persons – $240
From 7 to 20 persons – $390
From 21 to 40 persons – $510
From 41 to 60 persons – $600

4-hour rates

Up to 6 persons – $380
From 7 to 20 persons – $615
From 21 to 40 persons – $800
From 41 to 60 persons – $940


Events for more than 60 persons will require special permissions – POA

Bookings Information

Booked time must include set-up and pack-up at the completion of your ceremony or event.

Bookings include the use of any facilities in that designated site such as seating in the Rotunda above the Camellia Garden or power at the Piccabeen Lawn at the northern end of the lakes (if available).

Shelters (other than the Rotunda) cannot be booked. Your group is free to share these facilities with other park visitors.

We ask that your group number be kept to a minimum both for the purpose of car parking (we prefer car-pooling to save space) and to limit any inconvenience to the amenity of the general public. Any group of more than 20 will be required to arrange special transport as our car park is not designed for greater numbers.

One of the most popular designated spaces is the Piccabeen Lawn. This space is easily accessible and comfortably accommodates 25 seated guests. The Rotunda can comfortably accommodate 12 seated guests.

A refundable bond is payable for all bookings. Please click here for details

Our Gardens are for the enjoyment of the general public at all times. For all event bookings, place click on these links to review our Guidelines, our Frequently Asked Questions and our refunds policy

Come On In

Enjoy your events and ceremony at the Botanic Gardens