The Botanic Gardens team celebrated an important year on Thursday, July 29 with a visit to the amazing subTropical Exotics private nursery, a place that specialises in the wonderful world of Araceae (Aroids), including Anthuriums, Philodendrons, Monsteras and many other subtropical species.

Wayne Lyons explains his “living wall of Aroids”.

The team enjoyed a detailed presentation by nursery owner Wayne Lyons including an explanation of the nursery’s “living wall of Aroids”.

Click HERE to find out a great deal more about subTropical Exotics at their web site, including a fascinating interview between Wayne and Gardening Australia’s Jerry Coleby-Williams.

Inevitably there was time for a bit of plant purchasing at the Spectrum Plants nursery which was conveniently next door to subTropical Exotics.

A “Christmas” luncheon at the Fox & Hounds.

The Botanic Gardens team went on to enjoy a fun “Christmas In July” luncheon at the themed Fox & Hounds English/Irish style pub on the Tamborine Oxenford Road.