Children’s adventure during Springtime gardens festival

 Children on Tamborine Mountain during the Springtime on the Mountain gardens festival this weekend are set for a special treat – an evening lantern stroll.

The annual festival opens on Friday at 9am with seven private gardens across Tamborine Mountain open to the public.

Julie Weisfelt, owner of Montville, one of the gardens open throughout the three-day festival, is hosting the lantern adventure from 6pm on Friday evening.

Children visiting during the daylight will  be offered the chance to seek and find garden cameo scenes around Montville and to plant flowering seedlings.

“I have cards of photos of special artefacts secreted around the garden,” explains Julie. “The children can mark off each one as they find it. It’s a fun version of hide-and seek!”

She says the lantern adventure begins at dusk.

“We will begin at around 6pm,” she explains. “Parents and children can explore the garden together as it becomes darker and the shapes and shades change quickly.”

As they complete their adventure, the children and parents are invited to listen to a story told by  Julie

“If it is lovely weather we will stay in the garden for a story,” she says.

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Julie Weisfelt displays the children’s lanterns in a garden nook.

“Children can bring their own lanterns to help light their way , but we will also have some to share for the evening. The garden path will be lit with little lights and flames to guide you on your way. We will have  lanterns throughout the garden and lights adorning many of the trees.”

Montville was “a blank canvass when we arrived on the Mountain,” says Julie. “There were only a few large trees here.”

The family spent three years renovating and remodelling the home before turning their attention to the garden, just two years ago.

“Our decision of be a part of Springtime on the Mountain was a great incentive to work hard to complete the garden,” she says.

The lantern adventure is a free activity. Bookings are not necessary.

“Please leave mobile phones in cars or switched off,” Julie urges. “We are creating a quiet atmosphere to wander and listen and take in Nature.

“Warm clothes and an open mind are all that is necessary to have extra fun for an hour,” says Julie.

Thanks to Denby Browning for this article.

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