Looking after your chickens in autumn.

Thanks to Glenda Sullivan for this update


Jobs for Autumn
Check birds for lice and their house for the presence of red mite.
Treat hen house with food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE) and add to the flocks dust bath.
Hens moult in autumn – wait until the have all moulted then thoroughly clean out the hen house.
Crushed garlic added to drinking water, once monthly for three days helps reduce internal parasites.
Protein – this determines how well hens lay. Scrimp on this and egg numbers will drop.
The grain mix, pellets or mash you feed should contain 15 percent protein, plus recycling kitchen and garden excess should give your hens plenty of variety.
The best way to offer kitchen scraps is whiz them briefly in a food processor, as hens don’t have teeth
My chooks have been given raw mince as a treat now and again.
 Watch out Glenda some chickens might surprise you.
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