Looking for that special plant for your indoor collection or maybe in a shady spot in the garden?

Throughout February, the Potty Potters at the Botanic Gardens have a ton of specials on offer. The warm weather and plentiful rain has meant that everything in the Gardens is growing rapidly. None more so than the Potty Potters’ collection. And they must go out – at special low prices. 

The bat plant has a weird face and whiskers.

And none is more special and weird than bat plants.

But you will need to be quick. We have a limited consignment of these extraordinary plants on special along with a wide range of other specialised plants available at our propagation shed every Wednesday and Thursday morning.

The black bat plant (Tacca chantrieri) is part of the yam family (Dioscoreaceae), grown for its bizarre flowers that look like a bat’s face! It is a true shade lover and prefers humidity and a sub-tropical to tropical environment. Its larger cousin, the white bat plant (Tacca integrifolia), is a more sensitive creature and may need winter protection, even in south-east Queensland.

The Potty Potters cultivate their collection with care, using a special potting mix designed to stimulate strong root growth before they go on sale. A special irrigation system ensures they are all provided with just the right amount of water at all times. 

Plants are available every Wednesday and Thursday morning at the pavilion at the southern end of the Gardens. Just follow the signs. The Potty Potters can take cash or cards. Bring a bag to take home your spoils. And if you are lucky, your own bat plant.