The Gardens team has added a critically endangered Ormeau bottle tree to the Upper Hillside Walk collection of indigenous plant species.

The tree was kindly donated by David Cuschieri from Koalas on the Green with assistance from Judith Roland, President of Tamborine Mountain Landcare. David initially offered the tree to the Landcare Centre on Hartley Road. However, it was decided that the more appropriate place for the tree would be at the Botanic Gardens.

Brian Davison, Curator at the Gardens, welcomed this addition to the native tree area and he and his team pre-dug the hole. David and Brian completed the planting.

Gardens Curator Brian Davison helping to plant the Ormeau bottle tree.

With only about 161 mature Ormeau bottle trees in the wild, with the majority restricted to an area of less than a square kilometre, this species needs our help.

Judith Roland of TM Landcare (left) with Brian Davison (centre) and David Cuschieri.

We look forward to it growing big and strong, helping to educate the public on the importance of our local natural environment.

For more information on the Ormeau bottle tree species see the link below: