This email received from Member Ron Anderson with an update on Adam Routledge.

Roger Bell gave an update of Adam’s accident at last Tuesdays meeting.
I have just returned from visiting Adam in the G/Coast Uni Hospital, ward C 6 East and after I spoke to Roger, we thought that if something went on our website, our members would know how he’s going..
Adam is in good spirits now and is looking for two new feet and a pair of boots.
He had lost half of his right foot and some toes off the left one. Roger was right; a layer of weed mat was covered by 100mm of mulch. As his machine weighs 2 tonne, it couldn’t move, so it pulled the weed mat and him under it.
As in todays local paper; the boys working with him are continuing to run the business for him.
There’s nothing he needs that he can think of, but is appreciating the visitors now starting to come in.
Thanks Ron for that update, Good to hear Adam is in good spirits,  I’m sure we all be hoping for a good recovery.